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Wooden Wheel Vineyards • 1179 Hwy 92, P.O Box 305, Keota IA 52248
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Red Iowa Wines

The Judge                                 $18.00

​ The Judge is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown on the eastern shores of Lake Erie. Lightly fermented with American Oak lt is slightly dry and full of flavor, The Judge is a great wine to savor and pair with steak or pasta with a bold, red sauce. Best served and enjoyed at room temperature.

Mountain Man  Iowa Petite Pearl       $18.00

One of the newest grapes, Petite Pearl grapes make this smooth, dry red wine.​ Great flavor with a nice tannin structure.


Not too dry nor too sweet, Uncle Johnnie is a light semi-sweet,

semi-dry red wine made from Marquette grapes.

Easy on the palate with rich aromas, Uncle Johnnie is lightly oaked, and has hints of black cherry followed with a spicy finish. Uncle Johnnie is perfect with grilled burgers or an assortment of your favorite cheeses, as well as a great wine to finish off any evening.

Similar to a smooth Pinot.

Amazing Grace                               $13.50

Aged in whiskey barrels, Amazing Grace is a sweet, rich, dark red wine with notes of cherry and that sweet bourban flavor.   If you like red wines with flavor and sweetness, this is an excellent choice.

Best served and enjoyed chilled.​​

Private G.W.                                       $18.00

​A dry, bold and complex dry red wine made from Estate grown

Marquette grapes. Lightly oaked, Private G.W. is a smooth red with notes of cherry, vanilla, plum, and white pepper. Private G.W. is a versatile wine that pairs well with any meat or tomato based pasta dish. Enjoy at room temperature.

Winner:2014 Gold Medal  Mid-American Wine Competition.


White Iowa Wines

Isabella                                                             $13.50        
A fragrant, sweet white wine, Isabella bursts with the perfectly blended flavor of two North American grapes. The original grape flavors are preserved with this light, fruity wine that has a crisp finish. Isabella is similar to a Moscato wine. We are very pleased that this is our first "Prairie Fine Wine." ​Best served and enjoyed chilled.

Charity Mae                                                      $13.50
​A delicate semi-sweet white wine made from Brianna grapes grown in our vineyard.  Charity Mae is light and 
well-balanced with tones of pineapple and mango fruits. 
Charity Mae is similar to a Chardonnay.  Best served and enjoyed chilled.

Winner:  2017 SilverMid-American Wine Competition

Winner:  2017 Bronze Iowa State Fair Wine Competition

George G.                                                     $13.50
​A semi-dry wine, made from LaCrescent grapes, George G. has a fruit forward flavor with notes of peach, apricot, and pear with a citrus finish.  George G. is a delightful fruity white wine with excellent character and taste.  George G. is similar to a Riesling.  Best served and enjoyed chilled.​

Nancy Love                                                 $20.00
A fruit forward slightly dry white with notes of apricot and peach.  It is like a light Chardonnay

Iowa Rosé Wines

Martin & Tessie                                    $13.50

​A rosé made with a blend of North American Frontenac Gris hybrid grapes. Martin & Tessie is a smooth, fruity rosé wine lightly oaked with a rich aroma of apricot and pears with a palate of citrus and berry. Best served and enjoyed chilled.
Winner: 2014 Bronze Medal Mid-American Wine Competition

Dessert Wine

McCulley's                     $20.00
Red dessert wine, port style.  19% alcohol.   VERY tasty!

Winner:  2017 Gold Iowa State Fair Wine Competition

Winner:  2017 SilverMid-American Wine Competition

Specialty Wine

Clara's Cranberry                         $15.00

​Clara’s Cranberry is a rich, sweet wine made with fresh cranberry
juice.  A savoring sweet, fruity wine that is great anytime of the
year, but especially at the holidays.

Sparkling Wine

​Chautauqua                                  $20.00

​A delightful white sparkling wine named after the celebrations held under Chautauqua tents. The first Chautaqua was held near Chautauqua Lake in New York in the late 1800's. In the 1900's, these celebrations expanded throughout the United States bringing entertainment and culture throughout rural communities.  Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying that Chautaqua is "the most American thing in America."  Chautauqua symbolizes celebration  and is similar to Asti Spumante.

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